Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hopin, Wishin, Prayin

Something very exciting is coming up... my character audition! My mom is bringing my friends Cody and Ricky and I to Nashville(actually Fanklin), TN.  We're leaving sometime Friday and we're going to stay in a hotel that night.  Saturday is our audition at 11 and then we'll probably meet up with some other Louisiana Disney people from UL for dinner! I can't wait for the audition and I can't wait to meet some of my new friends! I'll be praying and wishing all week long that I do good at this audition.  This is truely a dream of mine to do this. It's a must have to check off of my bucket list! And if all else fails and I don't get picked to be a character, I'll be fine.  I'll still be working in the happiest place on earth and I will be able to audition again a few more times once I'm there!

About my friends (:
Cody: Or as I call him, Codison. Codison is one of my best friends! He is pending though. ): He's going to do great at the audition and he would make the perfect Peter Pan!
Ricky: Accepted for food and beverage in only SIX days... crazyyyyy.

Good Luck to every one auditioning!
Pray for me and all my friends :)

<3 Danielle

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