Thursday, August 4, 2011

Butterflies fly away...

I am about to leave everyone and everything I've ever known for five months.  FIVE months.  This is nuts.Tomorrow I start the most spontaneous adventure of my life (so far!).  I've been waiting on this since January.  I am SO excited for this amazing adventure... but I won't lie, I'm getting nervous.  I've got a case of the butterflies.  I'm nervous that I may forget something; I'm nervous that I may get homesick; I'm nervous that something will go wrong. I have to be optimistic though! This is the chance of a lifetime for me.  I'm ready!  Roxanne (my car) is all packed up with some stuff in my mom's car too since Roxanne is so small.  Our plan is to leave around 7:30 a.m. tomorrow morning to pick up Shawn, my mom's BFF.  Then we're off to Jacksonville, FL where Shawn's son and grandkids live.  Jacksonville is 10 hours from my house with stops and stuff, and it's only two hours from Orlando.  So, we're staying in Jacksonville tomorrow night and Shawn's son is going to show us around the navy base on Saturday (he's in the navy... obviously).  We're also going to eat on the beach in Jacksonville!  Then, we're leaving Shawn there to spend time with her family, and we are off to Orlando!  We don't really have any set plans for Sunday, but we know we want to meet up with Ricky who's been at Disney since May.  We dooo know that we're going to eat supper at the Rainforrest Cafe with my roommate, Logan and her dad and brother.  We all totally cannot wait for the vooolllllllcanoooo! haha!  After that we're going to the Polynesian Resort to watch the Wishes firework show because it's supposed to be an awesome view of it there! Plus, it's free!

Well I have a long drive tomorrow, so I need to get my rest! Goodnight! :)

ps. When I say "we" I mean my mom, my sister alyssa, and I! My stepdad Kevin and my boyfriend Larry both just got new jobs, so unfortunately they couldn't come along for the trip. :(