Wednesday, April 13, 2011

5, 6, 7, 8

I haven't been able to post a blog in while because I've been swarmed with schoolwork! But I wanted to tell everyone about my Disney audition. :)

The audition was scheduled for 11 on Saturday March 26, and we left the Friday before.  Me and Codison made 3 Disney CDs to listen to on the way there so we started off the morning by singing Selena Gomez's Cruella Deville.  My poor mom who drove us had to listen to us haha. We picked up Ricky in Hammond on the way, and his friend Candace and her mom followed us.  It was definitely a fun 9 hour ride to Franklin, TN (not too far from Nashville). 

When we finally arrived at our hotel... I mean motel, we grab our bags and start walking to our room.  We barely get 10 feet out the car and Ricky finds a $50 bill! Wer're pretty sure it was left for some drug dealer or something, but it was ours now. :) He treated us all to some snacks at a gas station! 

We went to bed finally and woke up super early so that we could all shower. I, of course, was the only morning person and had to chipper everyone up! We then realized that the continental breakfast ended at 8 and it was like 7:56 at the moment, so me and Codison RAN to the front for breakfast.  We partially ran because we didn't want to miss breakfast (you don't want to see me without breakfast, not a good sight ;) but also because it was FREEZING in TN.  We were just getting used to the hot weather here in Louisiana! We did make it to breakfast in time though, so did Mom and Ricky.  The foreign girl started picking up everything as we ate haha.    

So then we headed to DC Dance Factory, which is the most amazing dance studio I have ever been in.  We pulled up and happened to park right next to two of my Disney friends on Facebook, Kristen and Evan! They were both so sweet, and it was cool to meet them in person! We didn't have to wait too long for the audition to start.

First we had to fill out a paper and get in line.  Then, we gave Gina, our Disney recruiter, our headshot and resume, and she took our picture.  Then we got measured.  My Disney height was 5'4 and 1/6 (pretty dang accurate). While we waited for everyone to get this done we stretched.  Then I found my Disney friend Abby from UL!

Now it was time for some annimations!  We had to act like we were planting a tree and then act like we were washing a dog.  It was so much fun!  Then, she taught us a dance.  It was really simple for me, but I've also danced my entire life haha.  She taught it really slow to make sure everyone got it.

When it was time to actually audition, they took us in number order and 6 at a time. I was number 17, and I got to audition with Kristen!  We had to plant our tree then do the dance, then wash our dog and do the dance again.  After you did that, they were either done with you or asked to see more from you.  Me and none of my friends got asked to see anything else, but they took Evan's picture again, so we're thinking they want him for a face character, how exciting!

After the audition, we went eat some Mexican food! Candace and her mom and Abby and her friend came too! We all had fun chit-chatting about our audition.
Then, Me, Mom, Cody, and Ricky went shopping, which was really fun.
And after a long day, we went to sleep at the hotel and left the beautiful Franklin, TN in the morning.

I wanted to write this before I got my results back, but I never had time to with school!

Me- Unfortunately not picked as a character performer.

Cody- Unfortunately not picked as a character performer.
Ricky- Still waiting to hear.
Kristen- Not sure...?
Candace- Unfortunately not picked as a character performer.

I was definitely bummed that I didn't get it again, but my roomie Logan made a pact with me that we're going to try out every two weeks once we're at Disney and we are DETERMINED that we will get this! I'm not giving up! You will see me as Cinderella or Rapunzel one day!

Sorry this was so long! The trip was definitely worth it, and I had such an amazing time!

Still Dreaming,